Hayley William's Quote Tattoopic

Hayley William's Quote Tattoo

A quote of Hayley's that I got done! It's basically the one year anniversary of it, and I'm still in love! 
Hannah Feb 03, 2015
Hannah Nov 16, 2014
The Viewpic

The View

from my backyard, i'm starting to get into star photography! This was my first attempt with my new camera using the kit 14-55mm lens.
Hannah Jun 26, 2014


watching the sunset from over the world!
Hannah Jun 03, 2014

Collages, Edits, and Random Things

everything i make using programs like photoshop, picnik, paint, or other sites.   all the photoshop images are made in school for my graphics class, i don't…
3 new pics
Hannah Feb 08, 2014

Server Life-Told by Spongebob Gifs

I hope whoever reads this gets a good laugh! Being a waitress myself i've seen all of these happen at least once and i thought…
Hannah Nov 27, 2013

Concert Photos- Where my heart is all the time.

i love music, i want it to be my life, and i love the people i get to see perform. Every concert is always loads…
13 new pics
Hannah Nov 12, 2013

What are you doing with YOUR life & how to be CONFIDENT about it!

THIS IS REALLY LONG, BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT...i hope! people ask me what i'm doing with my life and what i want to be. i want…
Hannah Nov 06, 2013

Random Photography!

all these pictures are pictures that i take with my camera!   i use point and shoot digital cameras, no photoshop, and sometimes some editing in iPhoto…
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Hannah Sep 30, 2013

Help Hannah Watch The Birthday Show From Sidestage and Meet PARAMORE

all you have to do is click the link! :D it's very simple and it gets me one step closer to paramore!!! :D i really…
Hannah Apr 18, 2013
City Photoshoppic

City Photoshop

As usual i was extremely bored in school and decided to photoshop a galaxy as the night sky to this city! I like the way…
Hannah Mar 09, 2013

Katy Perry

i tried drawing a picture of katy. this is kind of old, from november but i haven't ever uploaded it anywhere. thought i'd just share…
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Hannah Feb 26, 2013

Reaction to Fall Out Boy getting Back Together

i literally died with excitement. HAHA i am so happy they're back together, releasing new music, and soon to be on tour, just thought i'd…
Hannah Feb 04, 2013
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